What is Coaching?  

Coaching is a thought-provoking, life-changing creative process that gives you insights and tools to help you unleash your potential.  Shining a light of compassionate curiosity on who you are and what drives you--and how you get stuck--we create conscious choice and lasting, positive change.   

How does it work?


We will meet in person (my favorite), at my office or yours, or on the trail.  If you are not local, we can meet via phone or online.  A 2-hour Discovery/ Visioning Session is followed by a series of 40 minute sessions, each of which is guided by your agenda, and informed by your big-picture vision.

Do I get a massage, too?

My work as a coach is informed by my background as a Massage Therapist and my training in Somatic Coaching.  Some sessions will make use of breathing exercises, meditation practices, energy work and/or movement that facilitates transformation. 

What is your style?

I trust that you are already a successful and whole person.  The majority of your growth and learning will happen in between sessions.  During our time together, I am completely present, attentive to all that is alive in the field.  I am at times gentle and nurturing, or bold and challenging, as the situation demands. I will not diminish your personal power and capacity for enlightened action by holding your hand on the crosswalks of life, nagging you with texts to check on your follow through.

That said, I encourage you to email me with weekly updates, noting your progress, challenges, breakthroughs, and to text or email anytime with questions or for support.