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People come to me to have the life-changing experience of being truly seen; to discover and cultivate their unique gifts, and share them in the world. To positively change the way they live, love and work.  

I’m looking for people who are ready to

step into wholeness, power, and

success--on their own terms;

to embody joy, abundance and fulfillment.  

Coaching is a path to authentic truth and vitality. As you are beckoned to the next level of consciousness and possibility, I am committed to supporting you in creating and enjoying a uniquely rich and fulfilling life.  

Coaching will help you:


  • Learn to honor and trust your essential self, build on your innate strengths, and choose a life of meaning, purpose, and joy that reflects your values and guiding principles.  

  • Experience the thrill of transformation from within, as you are uplifted and empowered to realize the vision for your life’s journey.  

  • Articulate and clarify your hopes and dreams, fears and doubts, in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

  • Relax and renew your spirit with laughter, understanding, and connection.  

I see you in your strength. I hold space for you to safely experience all of your emotions. I know that anything is possible. Together, we can change ourselves, and change the world.

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Reclaiming Purpose:  (6 months)

90 minute Introductory Visioning Session

Two 40 minute coaching sessions per month

Weekly email updates and text support

$200/ month

Radical Self-Care: (6 months)

90 minute Intro Visioning Session

Two 90 minute massages per month

Two 30 minute coaching sessions per month

Weekly email updates and text support 

$400/ month

Busy Parent's Special: (1 year)

60 minute Visioning Session

30 minute massage/ 30 minute coaching session per month


Epic Day:  (One Time) An opportunity to reset and refresh your life! 

Morning hike and yoga

90 minute Vision coaching session

Closet/ Kitchen deep clean

Healthy, clean organic food shopping 

Organic Lunch

90 minute massage