Hi, I'm Molly. If we haven't met yet, here's a little about me. I'm a life coach with a background in massage therapy, passionate about helping people discover and cultivate their unique gifts.  My clients learn to embody their strengths and superpowers, to experience success on their own terms.   I believe in the wisdom of the body to guide us towards wholeness, and the power we each have to choose our thoughts, actions, and lives.

I have been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006, and Certified Professional Coach since 2013.  I came to massage after college, when I stopped to take a breath between undergraduate studies and a planned PhD program in Russian and Central Asian Studies.  Studying yoga, running, lifting weights and working with a therapist, I saw that my education up to that point lacked any grounding in the body.  I deferred, and enrolled in massage school, where I learned hands-on and energetic healing. This work has been incredibly rewarding, and eventually led me to coaching--a way to marry my commitment to healing with compassionate curiosity and lifelong learning. 

I'm also mom to a sweet, funny, intense preschooler and bonus mom to two socially conscious, visionary teenagers.  I'm a runner and dancer, nature lover, baker, and binge reader.  I love thrift store scores and garden-fresh berries.